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Reply from Experian about their Web Monitoring Tool

Thank you for your email, which we received on 11/06/2012.

*Web Monitoring

The information we advise you about is only used to alert you to the details we have uncovered.

It is not passed to any other parties or will not be used in any other way, including in profiling issues.

The information is not used for credit scoring purposes.

Web monitoring can only be entered through your Credit Expert membership. Our systems are constantly under review to ensure that the retrieval and storage of your personal information is as secure as possible.

The data retrieved is subject to our normal rigorous storage controls, governed by the Data Protection Act and overseen by the Office of Fair Trading.

If you no longer need to monitor a piece of data you can delete it by visiting your web monitoring hub. Next to each piece of monitoring information you’ve entered in the personal, financial and other contact detail sections you’ll see a minus sign. Clicking on this will give you the option to delete that piece of data.

Please remember, if you need to update the details in your profile information section then you will need to update your details in the “My details” section of your Credit Expert account. Once you’ve updated your details here the changes will automatically be made to your Web monitoring details.

Alerts will remain available for one year after which they are destroyed.

If you’d rather not benefit from the Web Monitoring part of the service we can switch it off for you. You can opt out of web monitoring by clicking on your profile section within your membership.

Kind regards

Mr Joe Farrelley
Customer Service Representative

Customer Support Centre